68/365 in 2017 | Fairborn Wedding Photographer

Day 68

I was going through some things at the studio.  Working basically and I came across this announcement.  Funny thing to find ON Michael’s birthday.

5 years ago, I had this guy in my tummy.  It was later in the evening that I gave birth to him.  Not a long labor.  It was actually pretty fast.

I remember by the end of the labor that they were telling me not to push because the dr was in another room delivering a baby.  Um, not push?  Do you know how hard it is NOT to push???


My baby is 5.  Wow!  I can’t believe it.

I love this guy.

I can’t explain how he completes us.  The family 5.  We definitely needed that fifth one.  God knew it.

I’m incredibly blessed to be his momma.

Happy birthday, Michael!!  I love you more than you’ll ever know! xoxo


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