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Day 67

Today was Women’s Day.  I have so much to say about this and really, I feel all talked out.  The basics…..

I am an advocate for women and children in domestic violence situations.

I am also an entrepreneur.

I never thought I would be either of those things.  Life happens.  God shows you your path, piece by piece….I’m sure this is because you wouldn’t take your path if you knew all it entailed.

I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming.

Everything I do is to show my daughter and sons that it IS possible.

I do have a voice.  I will be an equal.  And they deserve the same.

Because little eyes are always watching, I will get up each and every time I get kicked down.  I will never quit.  I am strong because God is with me.  I will speak up for those that can’t find their voice.  I will reach out to those that need a hand.  I will be the best me I can to show that I am powerful, kind, loving, smart, funny, daring, and other things that I can’t think of when my mind is shutting down for the night.

Happy Women’s Day.

women's day

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