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Day 62

Pumbaa is the greatest stray cat ever.

I had been extra tired the last day or so and feeling run down, but I did not expect to get full blown sick.  Yesterday my throat hurt and I kept hoping it would start to feel better, like it was from dry air or something, but it didn’t.  I was going to go to the dr, but of course when I thought to go it was too late unless I went to the ER.  And I feel silly going to the ER for a sore throat.

So this morning I woke up and could barely drag myself out of bed.  Thankfully my mom was here and could take me to the dr.

After a couple hours at urgent care, I left with the news that I did have strep and I needed to rest.  I came home and fell into bed.  And this guy, Pumbaa, he laid down with me and didn’t leave my side.

He really is so sweet.

62/365 in 2017 strep

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