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Day 51

Birthday party for my double digit boy.

I can’t believe he is 10!

We celebrated his birthday by going bowling…his choice 🙂

Michael picked out the minion cake 🙂  Only requirement from J was that it was a chocolate cake.  Michael was so excited.  He especially loved carrying it to the car.

He did great!!!  And then when he got in the back seat, he put all his weight on the cake box… poor guy felt so bad.  He kept saying it was an accident.  It was a pretty easy fix and you can barely tell from here and thankfully the cake tasted the same smooshed or not!  Delicious.

J’s party was small, but perfect.  kids had fun!

p.s. the cake is from Schuler’s.  Check them out if you’re local!!  Always yummy!

51/365 in 2017 minion

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