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Day 45

It’s Valentine’s Day!!!  Happy <3 day, friends!!!

Strangely, I have been planning this photo for over a year.  Ha!  Looks it, right!!! 😉  I really have!!  I just never got around to doing it…what better time than Valentine’s day?

Yeah, I know!  It is super simple, but I took like 30 shots to get this one!  I had to get the lighting right and get the best angle and then make sure I like the colors around the heart that chose me.

You heard that right.  The Dream Big heart chose me.  I knew I would grab one to be my main focus.  I was thinking something cute and standard for when someone thinks candy hearts, but that isn’t what the purple heart wanted.

I swear it was like it spoke to me.  Reminding me to keep going and reach for the stars.

I’m going to be open with you….there are many times that I think about closing shop.  I don’t want to close, but finances and all that goes in to owning a business can make things tough.  It is easy to think that closing might be the best thing to do.

Then I think about what I would be doing instead.  And you know what?  There isn’t anything that I would rather be doing….except getting more business.

I LOVE my work.  I love owning my business.  I love taking photos.  I want to keep pushing myself to grow and dream big for my company.  I know that I can accomplish great things and this photo below reminded me.

It also reminded me to giggle.  Yep.  Giggle, friends.  Find the silliness in every day.  Find the joy…I say that to myself a lot.  But it is true.  You have to find a way to make life fun.  So giggle.

And xoxo.  Give hugs.  Give kisses.  The world could always use more hugs and affection.  I think I’ve read that hugs area a way to decrease depression.  And as we live in the most depressed city of the USA, let’s give those suckers out freely.

dream big

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