40/365 in 2017 | Springfield Wedding Photographer

Day 40

Friends.  Let’s be real.  I am too tired to blog.  I have photos to share and stories to go with them, but as I stare at this blank screen for the last hour, I am realizing that nothing is getting posted.  Nothing is being shared.  So this poor photo, with a story is going to just sit as a draft on my website.  It will be hoping and dreaming of being a real post, but that day will never come.  I will be too tired to open it back up or so busy that it gets forgotten.  This beautiful Winans latte sitting in the snow.  It tasted amazing and was just what I needed that cold day to wake me up.  Sigh.  So here it is.  No fun story to go with it.  Just a photo.

Local friends. Go check out Winans on Fountain.  The coffee is perfect.  The chocolates look amazing, but I won’t let myself try them.  The atmosphere is all that you could hope for in a downtown coffee shop.  It’s basically a little shop of heaven.

This Springfield Wedding Photographer is excited to have it just around the corner from the studio and can’t wait to meet clients here!  Go!!  Eat some chocolate for me!!


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