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Day 36

I’m keeping it real.  I almost failed today.

I almost failed and didn’t really care.  I didn’t want to get up and take a photo just to take a photo.  That is something that I have been aware of since starting.

To take a photo JUST to take a photo and share it seems to miss the point of this project.  I think it is good to use it to share my day or my thoughts or something I like/dislike.  I don’t know exactly how to put this in words, but just a photo to fill a spot seems wrong.

Do you agree?

So, I was laying in bed in the dark.  I had my phone, but there is little to photograph in my room in the dark.  And I had previously talked about using on my camera….yeah, that has not gone as well, but I figure using it the majority of the time is something to celebrate.

So, I have my phone.  No ideas about what to take a photo of and the thought of failing seemed much better than getting up and snapping a random photo.  Then this guy rolls over and snuggles into my arm….his “baby.”  I knew there was no way I would be getting up now.

But how cute is that moment, right?  This cutie is growing up so fast and I want to remember how it felt to be loved by this boy as a 4 year old.  I want to be able to show him how cute he was and how much he was loved.

I took a photo with snapchat and shared it.  And then I took a photo to keep too.

The photo is below.  Do you think he will remember how good it felt to be cuddled together?

This is what I love about photos.  They truly are a way to remember your emotions.  This frozen moment of time will be with me forever.  This is why I do this series.

why 36/365

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