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Day 31

Guess what!!?!?!?  It is day 31 and I have successfully taken and blogged a photo every day this month!!!  This calls for celebration!  Pumbaa is all in to the party!! 😉

I love this guy!  Pumbie found us about 18 months ago.  He was a stray that found his way in to our hearts.  I love when he cuddles up next to me and often on me as I try to write blog posts.

Pumbaa has a way of making you feel special for being chosen to sit next to him.  He purrs loudly and sticks his tongue out as you scratch his ears.

And I am cutting this post short.  Maybe we will talk more about Pumbaa another day.

  I’m just too tired and I feel like I’m not making any sense.  Good night, friends.  xoxo

31/365 in 2017 pumbaa

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