24/365 in 2017

Day 24

Welcome to my Springfield studio!!!  Man, I love this place!  I debate a lot about keeping a studio, but when I am here, I love it.  I love the location in downtown Springfield.  The building is beautiful and there is just something about being downtown.

This afternoon, while Amanda is at dance, I am working on a wedding.  I am so excited to get this finished and back to my bride and groom.  It’s also great that dance and my studio are in the same building!

The desk is a mess.  Filled with papers, water bottles, a lens, a planner, and other odds and ends.  I keep telling myself that I’ll clean it off next time I go in.  Anyone else do that?  It’s always, next time.  I’ll get to it.  Eventually.  😉

And now dance is over and we are off to basketball.  My girl is loving playing basketball.  It’s so great to watch her too!

We’re off!  have a great day!!!

24/365 in 2017 springfield studio

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