21/365 in 2017

Day 21

Today has not gone as planned.  It somehow became a Netflix and work day.  I planned to get up, have coffee, and then go to a basketball game. Then I would go to lunch followed by 2 soccer games.  Unfortunately, I was informed that my children would not be at their activities. I spent last night trying to work and ended up staying up late…until after 2.

So this morning I slept in a bit.  My mom was kind enough to go to the kids’ games just in case they showed up.  They didn’t, so I stayed in my pjs while watching Netflix and hanging with my dogs while working on my website. I’m pretty sure that is a what I do every day lately.

Anyway, I’m sitting in my living room while Border Security plays and I sweat.  Can someone tell me why it is over 50 today?  It makes it a good day for ice cream.

This is my day.  Not a bad day.  Just not the expected day.

21/365 in 2017 netflix and work


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